Play the piano by playing

Piano tutorial for the smallest pianists

(For children aged 3 to 6)

There are many piano tutorials. However, there are very few that combine practical know-how with music theory and a systematic approach, thus creating a student’s knowledge base that leads to independent learning of music scores.

Our original piano tutorial has all these advantages and more:

  1. It is built on fairy tales and games, so it is funny and exciting.
  2. The pieces are mostly well-known children’s songs from different countries all over the world. They are age-appropriate; children play them with pleasure and enthusiasm.
  3. All abstract theoretical concepts have been translated into a concrete language that children can understand. This facilitates their comprehension and memorization. Later on, the knowledge gained can be translated into professional terminology.

Our piano tutorial takes into account all the peculiarities of the child’s perception. Every lesson is easy to implement and brings a lot of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment.

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