Are you looking for a piano teacher for your little son or daughter who teaches piano in a gentle and playful way?


Many teachers teach in a traditional way: children learn notes, meter, rhythmic values, and so on. But small children would rather play than learn! The pressure of performance that lays on them is heavy so most give up playing the piano very quickly.


Our piano tutorial “Play the piano by playing” takes into account all the peculiarities of the child’s perception. Our lessons are very different to conventional ones. That’s why our small pianists believe that they are just “playing about”. In reality, every game is focused on learning a certain topic or some musical term.

The teachers of the music school L’Arrangement in Basel, Switzerland have many years of experience with this new method of teaching the piano and can testify that it really works. You as parents will be amazed at how quickly your children will play the piano with great pleasure.

„Play the piano by playing“ is a music booklet that every child must have. It contains not only sheet-music but also illustrations of the fairy tales and lesson themes to inspire the child. In order to move forward most effectively, parents should assist the teacher by reading the fairy tales to their child before the coming lesson. All the fairy tales can be found on the internet and here.


Within 60 lessons, young pianists learn the most important theoretical basics of absolute necessity and of the greatest importance for their progress. This enables them to learn musical pieces independently later at home and understand musical contexts better.

We give you the opportunity to look at the content of all 60 lessons.

The booklet is FREE to DOWNLOAD!

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Your benefits:

    1. Many parents initially try to hire a piano teacher as cheaply as possible since they are not sure if their child will learn to play the piano over an extended period of time. They greatly underestimate how important the right start is. If the teacher has neither the right teaching experience with small children nor a deliberate teaching concept, then each further lesson can become more and more laborious for the child until he or she completely loses motivation to play the piano. In this case, all your financial investments and the spent time go down the drain.
      Whereas, with our piano tutorial, you’ll get off to a flying start. First, your child’s musical hearing will develop in the best possible way. Secondly, your child will effortlessly gain extensive musical knowledge through our carefully crafted concept.
    2. „Play the piano by playing“ does not force the child to learn anything. Rather the other way around; through games, it motivates children to learn well-known children’s songs in order to be able to play them to friends and family.

We look forward to hearing about your successes. Please, take the time to write or call us.