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Many teachers avoid working with small children because it is difficult to teach them in a conventional way. They do not really understand the abstract language and therefore terms like notes, melody or rhythm are meaningless words for them. Because of this, the little ones get bored quickly during the lessons, and you as a teacher do not move forward.


Our piano tutorial “Play the piano by playing” takes into account all the peculiarities of the child’s perception. That’s why our small pianists believe that they are just “playing about” since our lessons use a different teaching method to conventional ones. In reality, every game is focused on learning a certain topic or musical term.

The teachers of the music school L’Arrangement in Basel, Switzerland have many years of experience with the new piano method and can testify that it really delivers surprisingly good results. As a teacher, you will not only arouse a love of music in your students but also give them a secure knowledge base for their future.

„Play the piano by playing consists of two booklets. The one for students has music samples and illustrations to the fairy tales. The teacher’s booklet contains information and tips for each lesson; however, all this should be implemented creatively. Developing your own interpretation of the contents is highly recommended.

Within 60 lessons, the young pianists learn the most important theoretical basics that are of absolute necessity and of the greatest importance for their progress. This enables them to learn musical pieces later independently at home and to better understand musical contexts.

We give you the opportunity to look at the content of all 60 lessons.
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Your benefits:

  • If you follow this method, you will discover the joy and desire the little pianists will come to their piano lessons with. As a teacher, you will gain an unrivaled reputation in this sector of the market. Most of all you will have the professional satisfaction of lighting a fire that will burn lifelong and be passed down to future generations in the form of the precious gift of musicality.